Ring Stands

For Catsle Wars I, November 2003, Lord Rhydderch and I built three wooden ring stands based on the engravings from Pluvinel's Le Managie Royal. The use of the cotterpin attachment for the rings (no velcro or magnets needed) allowed them to be adjusted to release with a light touch.

The stands were designed to be portable and as light as possible. The height of the rings can be adjusted by raising or lowering the dowel arms.

Lady Peryn Rose Whytehorse

Equestrian Marshal

Barony of the South Downs


PDF file on contruction of ring stand and other equipment (third page opens slowly)


Picture of a Ring Stand at Castle Wars (a bit fuzzy) [Photo credit to Steven Sheldon]


Pictures of Pluvinels' Ring Stand:


Because the pole is behind a wall in the engravings, we don't know for certain how it was set up. Most likely it was sunk into the ground. Not a very portable solution for SCA events, so we designed bases that could travel with the poles.
Notice the angle of the lance. Pluvinel says that the ring should hang about eye level for the rider. He also says the lance should be tilting slightly upwards as you spear the ring.